Instant Training Improvement Tips: leave the comfort zone for bigger gains

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The exercise field is a fractured state of interests, from general health, aesthetics, bodybuilding, athletic conditioning and development to strength-athlete, to name but a few. Each of these concerns utilise approaches that vary widely yet consistently make a number of common errors.


The greatest problem of most exercise regimes, beyond the basic programming, structure and movement choices, is that they maintain a pattern of training within a “comfort zone”. Most typically stay within a framework of exercises and settings that not only reduce the training effect due to adaptation but result in monotonous environment were results suffer.



The comfort zone of training echoes at virtually every level of the exercise community from the early beginner to the advanced athlete where exercise choices are movements they “enjoy”. This is absolutely the case of coaches who tend to train their athletes in the manner they personally like to exercise as opposed to what is most beneficial. Within athletic coaching this is a constant thorn in the side of athletes as often middle-aged coaches who long since relegated their exercise to “what you do in a gym” have little understanding of demands of the sport.


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Furthermore this “comfort zone” of training goes beyond strict physical concerns but managing high stress environments akin to the idea of “the fog of war”. Pristine training environments might be “comforting” for some to view but rarely are the birthing ground to results that carry over to the victors podium. Exercise is “fun” but this enjoyment comes from waging battle against challenges, managing chaotic conditions and overcoming adversity.


At the root of this problem lay a brilliant solution for as you train outside of your comfort zone you will stimulate growth and likely give rise to more inspired training sessions. Through this route, your growth towards being a lifelong athlete will be well underway and near certain of unconditional success.



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