Instant Training Improvement Tips: building fluidity and strength for the lifelong athlete

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The modern exercise field is a mighty confusing lot when compared from its historical past. At each turn of the page the present-day is a pale shadow of itself from my memories as where once was the bastion of mighty men who lived life to the fullest and a group more concerned with marketing and simply “looking fit”


Where this leads us in the modern iron game must resurrect the lifelong athlete who is fit, strong and physically active outside of the gymnasium, as well as accomplished in their physique goals. This requires men and women who possess the physical and moral strength that will help shift society to a better way of life of which participating in healthy activities is a key component. The lifelong athlete is strong, capable, honest, hard-working, looks you in the eye for believing in the nobility of what they have accomplished and show pride not merely in their immediate work but building a better tomorrow.

You can be the lifelong athlete and simply takes a proper elixir of will, desire and plan of attack. The route, though many will make it sound complex, is simple.


  • Consume the correct food with pride but not as complex idea of dietary guidelines but of “simplicity” and resurrecting the fellowship of the meal with family and friends.


  • Respect your body with the correct choice of nutritional supplementation. As a lifelong athlete myself, I demand a great deal of my athletic performance but know with my diet and supplemental choice (see bottom of article), I will fuel my body for what it needs.


  • Enjoy fitness training and revel in the daily challenges. Exercise is and always is fun. Embrace the challenges, the trials, the tribulations, the aches and pains and know, you will never be vanquished.

Once you make that step into the realm of the lifelong athlete you will bring that hammer down, crush obstacles that lay in your way and “out want|, out last” adversity. I have seen the toughest life can throw and want each reader to understand, you can, you will, if you want and believe.


This is where I leave you with a final charge.




Believe in yourself and instead of tapping on the door of opportunity, kick the damn thing down. Have faith.


With that said I must address a physical standpoint as a lifelong athlete as you need to maintain flexibility and grace well beyond the time where others creak like old oak trees. Along with my hurdle mobility program and tumbling, the daily use of RED2 is a daily must. This will enhance range of motion, tactile response, body control, strength endurance and movement generation. RED2 is brutally challenging but as noted previously, the type of challenge that quenches your thirst.

In the opening, developmental stage of RED2 a series of basic lunges must be mastered, both forward and backwards.

  • Forward
  • Sid
  • “Toy Soldier”

Each commences with high knee lift, as in Rx1 (top left), whereby you “draw” the leg up without any shifting of the overall body. The plant leg locked, “|rooted” into the ground (a notion those from the MA community will recognise) and movement, whether forward, backward or sideways is projected with the big toe driving into the ground.

This movement pattern is crucial and absolutely no error can be tolerated (please note this is the developmental phase and will become very complicated in the future and hence, disciplined movement is critical importance).

After a period of accommodating to the workout, perform each movement such that the entire RED2 section is three to five, six-minute segments.

Prepared by John Davies
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